This stroller bag was exactly what I was looking for! I have a Bugaboo Bee plus stroller, and all the other organizers I have ever tried have slipped off the handlebar to the side of the stroller. As described, the bag does have non-skid straps which actually help keep it in place, and it does not slip off!


The best feature of this organizer is by far the fact that it stays in place and that the cupholder part levels itself out with the D-rings so it’s always straight no matter the angle your stroller may be tilting.


I am a nurse in pediatric clinic and sanitizing my hands is now part of my being. I was looking for a cute functional pouch to clip onto my purse so that I have my sanitizer handy. I love the quality of these hand sanitizer holders, I tried several brands and this is the best one by far!!


It’s just what I was looking for! Very happy with this purchase. I originally wanted to spen a lot for the actual Donna bag which attaches to this stroller however i just didn’t think it was worth that much. Now I’m very happy I waited and found this one which looks great!!


I put a full cup of water and power bank to show the weight it can hold and still stay upright. If its "sagging" chances are you need to install it better. I could barely twist it with my hands so it's very sturdy stays put. Looks great. Can't wait for the wrinkles to come out.
Stroller is Joovy Qool. 10/10 recommended.

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